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New Tennis Courts - Public Comment Period

The City of Dayton and the West Side School District propose to remove federal protection derived from a Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) State & Local Assistance grant from a portion (0.62 acres) of one public park (Existing Tennis Courts) located on the South Side of West Side High School and apply it to a newly-created replacement public park north of the new constructed playground (Pirate Ship) at the Harold B. Lee Elementary School (also 0.62 acres).

The City and School District currently seek public comment on this proposal initially introduced at the November 9th 2016 public hearing and at a 2nd public hearing to be held on December 14th at 7 p.m. at the Dayton City Office. The Environmental Assessment describing this proposal is available online at the Westside School District webpage and/or in printed format at the Dayton City Office and the West Side School District. The LWCF grant program, administered by the National Park Service, provides funds to local governments to acquire land and construct capital facilities at locally-owned and managed public recreation areas. Parks funded by LWCF are protected from conversion to non-outdoor recreation uses unless the grant recipient offers a replacement park of equal or better appraised value and recreation utility.

Environmental Assessment